Dr Maier + Partner and Valtus establish joint venture in Executive Interim Management

In order to offer our clients even more expertise in the field of executive interim management, we have entered into a joint venture with Valtus. Valtus is a global leader in the field of executive interim management and can support clients all over the world through its many locations and international network.


Through the joint venture with Valtus, we are expanding our resources and expertise in interim management in order to offer our clients even more effective and customised solutions. To ensure a successful interim assignment, we work side by side with our clients and interim managers throughout the duration of the project.


We help organisations solve their business-critical challenges by identifying and delivering the right executive interim manager at the right time for every need. Our Executive Interim Managers are available immediately and cover everything from CXO roles to project management.


Further information will soon be available on the new German Valtus website.


You can get an overview of the Valtus Group on the Valtus Website provide.