Through the crisis with interim management?

After about one and a half turbulent years of the Corona crisis, the economy and society are breathing a little easier, but there is still uncertainty about the future. The German economy has proven that it is adaptable and has a strong backbone thanks to its small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially in the initial shock of the companies after the outbreak of the pandemic, a large part reacted [...]

What can a good interim manager do?

What can a good interim manager do? In our last article, we talked about the resilience of companies and about the fact that crisis-experienced managers* with experience are necessary for your production. Today we are talking about precisely these managers, what skills they need to bring to the table and how Dr. Maier + Partner ensures that the interim manager can also [...]

Corona - the test for your own resilience

Corona - the test for one's own resilience With the further easing of restrictions from the Corona crisis, the threat to health seems to have been averted for the time being. Now less life-threatening questions arise about one's own business, processes and next steps. All these questions lead to a new fashionable term from psychology: resilience. Originally [...]

Dr Maier builds up another business segment

Dr. Maier establishes new business segment In 2019, Dr. Maier + Partner celebrated a glittering anniversary. 50 years of executive search, 50 years of experience in personnel consulting and 50 years of specialists and executives who drive your company forward. You know us as the experienced executive search consultancy for permanent positions at the highest level with a large network and [...]