Interim Manager Functions

Our interim managers create added value quickly and efficiently within a wide variety of fields of activity.

Success through experienced interim executives in the right functions

Dr. Maier + Partner Interim Executives are deployed in various fields of activity. You can trust our interim managers to understand and master change processes with confidence. In the course of their careers, they have already successfully solved many entrepreneurial challenges and achieved above-average results. We use this experience profitably for you in the following functions.

Interim CEO/Managing Director

The right personalities in executive and CEO positions are key to the further development of companies. Without high-caliber leadership, companies can stagnate - with the right one, they thrive. In an ever-changing marketplace, we provide leaders who succeed when an interim solution is needed. At crucial moments, they drive change and move companies in new directions. When the unexpected happens, they restore confidence and reliably maneuver the ship, even in rough seas, until land is in sight again. Dr. Maier + Partner has a broad network of executives who use their wealth of experience and interdisciplinary expertise up to C-level and board level to successfully lead your company in any situation.

Interim CFO/Finance Manager

Interim Finance Directors and CFOs are proven leaders who are deployed on a short to medium term basis to manage the financial fortunes of a business. Our interim managers are specialists in leadership. They support organisations in a time of change, transition or crisis. Interim solutions in finance take place for a variety of reasons: The economic environment and the constantly changing, technological progress play a particularly important role. These factors put pressure on companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency and, in some cases, put turnaround plans in place. This is where the executives of Dr. Maier + Partner's valuable network come in.


Productions are at the heart of a company. The desire to improve operational performance is omnipresent. The rapid rise of digital, AI and automation technologies is accelerating the pace of change tremendously. With the skills required changing so rapidly, it is no surprise that the demand for interim operations managers with novel and diverse skill sets is on the rise. As a result, the expertise of senior interim operations managers has evolved to become more in-depth and broad-based. This includes operational and technological expertise as well as versatile and differentiated digital know-how. This is complemented by strong skills in managing the day-to-day organisation. Such in-demand skills provide immediate value to organisations undergoing transformation.

Interim Personal Manager

Thanks to technology, HR goes beyond its transactional responsibilities and makes an important strategic contribution to business success. Interim HR leaders can make a big impact - especially during times of upheaval such as restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and rapid growth. The experience of an interim manager can ease the transition for the workforce. Our interim managers are able to shape and successfully manage the kind of cultural change that many companies are striving for. We offer tech-savvy specialists as interim hiring managers. These highly specialised leaders combine vision, commercial acumen and a proven ability to mobilise the people behind change.


Digital technology has changed the way we do business. It has opened up new markets as well as creating opportunities and risks that companies need to be aware of. In a digital world, companies need to change. Outdated manual processes are no longer fit for purpose. Personalized customer experiences are paramount. The benefit of a Digital/CDO interim resource is the ability to help you innovate and compete. Because the scope of Digital is so broad, companies need experienced professionals with specialized knowledge, broad expertise, or a combination of both. An interim manager can help deliver a specific initiative, such as the introduction of new enterprise-wide digital technologies or the introduction of new security features.

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