Relevant topics for interim managers

The reasons for using interim managers are many and varied. However, the result expectation is usually the same: to achieve good results quickly.

Innovative change management

Change projects are the most frequent use of interim executives

In order to successfully implement change projects, professional change management is required. Our interim executives initiate this process of change in a company with a great deal of tact and a systematic approach. An interim change manager supports your company in the task of analysing the strengths and weaknesses of employees, systems and processes and implementing appropriate solutions. Mastering this task usually means an enormous change for your company. Our interim executives are prepared for this and can already demonstrate several successes in change projects.

Lack of skills / competences

Use of skills and competencies that complement your business

Interim support can provide your business with flexibility and invaluable expertise. Interim executives provide the continuity, support and leadership needed to assess next steps, develop strategies and create a clear long-term direction for your business to act upon.

For companies, these flexible and custom-fit management resources are especially important when the required competencies cannot be provided by the company itself. The use of our interim executives offers our customers the opportunity to temporarily and as needed bring experience and skills into the company that are currently not available.

Our interim executives master crises and bring your company back on the road to success.

We cover all phases within a restructuring with our interim management resources. Our turnaround professionals deliver professional results in a strategic as well as in an earnings or liquidity crisis. Our interim executives quickly identify the key weaknesses and initiate measures to successfully master the turnaround.

We maintain a network of select professionals who have years of experience designing, implementing and managing business transformation programs. These hand-picked leaders help our clients create value, increase profits and achieve their strategic goals.

Restructuring and Crisis Management

Temporary bridging until ONE permanent manager is found

Restructuring and change projects are the most common most frequent field of application for Interim Executives

Interim management is used in a wide variety of business areas. However, interim executives are particularly in demand for restructuring and change management. The deployment of an interim CRO - a Chief Restructuring Manager - is preceded by a crisis situation. Restructuring in difficult times of a company requires result-oriented work and demands a lot from those responsible not only on a rational but also on an emotional level.

Companies that want to change significantly often lack the capacity or the right perspective to carry out the transformation with the desired result. For this reason, interim managers are increasingly used in the change management process. Dr. Maier + Partner provides only hand-picked interim executives for your company in order to achieve the best possible results together with you.

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