What can a good interim manager do?

In our last post, we talked about the Corporate resilience and about the fact that crisis-experienced managers* with experience are necessary for your production. Today we talk about exactly these managers, which competencies they need to bring with them and how Dr. Maier + Partner ensures that the interim manager really brings your company forward.

Interim managers solve problems. They help companies in extraordinary situations and with special projects. Companies are in crisis. Structures have to be changed. Fast and at the same time sustainable solutions are needed. It is not an everyday situation in which an interim manager is deployed.


The Dr. Maier Certification


We believe that an interim manager needs - in addition to sound and practical experience in his industry focus and functional area - various fundamental competencies that set him apart from the classic manager in a permanent position. These competencies are aspects of professional experience as well as personal skills and characteristics which, in our experience, are of central importance in order to successfully complete interim mandates. In order to make these competencies tangible, we have developed the Dr. Maier Certification. The Dr. Maier certification consists of a multi-stage process and ensures outstanding quality in the selection of our interim managers.



  • At the beginning, there are biographical criteria; a certified interim manager must have at least ten years of management experience in his or her industry focus and functional area. This experience should have been acquired in different companies. A Dr. Maier certified interim manager already has experience in interim management or very sound experience in project management. Ideally, he has already successfully handled several projects as an interim manager.


  • In a further step, we want to get to know our managers. It is important for us to understand what distinguishes them and where their strengths, weaknesses and core competencies lie. To do this, we conduct personal interviews with the interim managers. In these interviews, certain competencies are important to us. Above all, we focus on leadership, solution orientation, problem-solving skills and focus. We talk to the managers about their working style, their approach to challenges and, of course, the added value you can offer your clients.


  • As a third and final step, we conduct reference interviews with the contact persons of past projects in order to supplement our personal impression with external opinions.



Good Interim Managers from Dr. Maier + Partner Interim Management


From these three steps, a very comprehensive picture of the interim manager develops, as well as a very precise assessment of his skills and competencies. This certification forms the basis for us to find interim managers for our clients who add value to the company in special situations. We find interim managers who have experience and have already proven that they can both master crises and successfully change companies. No matter for which mission you need an interim manager: Dr. Maier + Partner can provide you with a certified interim manager who will help you and your company move forward.



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*For reasons of readability, only the masculine form is chosen in the above text for personal nouns and when addressing persons. Nevertheless, members of all genders are explicitly addressed. The form of the editorial address does not imply any valuation.